At A Glance: 7 easy steps to creating a DevOps dashboard in Jira Cloud

In a service-first world, helping your team be more flexible, collaborative and productive is a deciding factor for the success of your business. Creating an agile organizational structure demands effectively streamlining your current or upcoming projects, and tracking your team’s progress using interactive dashboards. This is where At a Glance comes in, and helps you keep a close eye on relevant data, take feedback, and properly tune your performance for both your team and stakeholders.

Here’s a quick guide to help you out with the app setup!

At A Glance for JIRA


Step #1

Log into your Jira instance as an admin and go to the Atlassian Marketplace to install At a Glance. When the add-on is installed, you will see a confirmation dialog.


Step #2

Traverse to the At a Glance page by clicking on the left navigation bar in Jira.


Step #3

Choose your Jira project from the drop down and wait for a few seconds to see the charts and grid view for stories and bugs.


Please see Installing Jira Plugin for more details.

At A Glance for Bitbucket

Step #1

To see commits and pull requests for your project, connect your At a Glance add-on with your bitbucket cloud instance. Click on the settings gear icon in the left panel of the At a Glance Plugin, and generate an authentication link.


Step #2

Login to your bitbucket instance and accept the connection request.This will map your Jira project to the git repositories where the code for your project is committed. Please see configuring Bitbucket repositories for step by step details.

You should see charts and grids view for your commits and pull requests as shown below:


If you are using bitbucket pipelines, this setup will also show you all the builds for those repositories.


At A Glance for SonarQube

Step #1

Log into your SonarQube instance, and click on ‘Security’ to generate a token. Copy the generated token.


Step #2

Click on the settings gear icon on the At a Glance add-on and add your SonarQube URL and token. For step by step instructions please see configuring Sonarqube with your At a Glance plugin.


When you come back to the main page you should see your project data on a single page as shown in the image below.




With At a Glance, you can easily avoid common pitfalls in project management, by focusing on high-priority issues that are intrinsically important for any project’s success.

Integrate your preferred software applications with At a Glance today, to unleash the power of agile development across cross-functional teams!

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