At a glance: DevOps Dashboard Add-on for Jira Cloud

Imagine you are an elite software team called the Rebel Forces, who are building a software to eliminate the dark lord.

You have a bunch of software development tools like JIRA, Git, SonarQube, and BitBucket pipelines at your disposal, to make your work easier.

Each member of Rebel Forces is handling individual parts of the software, without really knowing how their code impacts the other aspects of software development. Unless they’re constantly checking every tool, none of them actually are fully updated on the project’s progress.

On the other hand, Hans Solo is working on getting his Screen Controls right, which will help him track the exact number of defects that might stop the screen from responding.

Luke is working on the API and finds a bunch of code quality issues, so he decided to stay on top of all the commits made by the team, and assess their impact on the SQUALE rating.

Chewbacca would like to ensure that the builds don’t fail and that the average build duration is as small as possible.

To successfully lead the project, Princess Leia needs status updates on the team’s progress to determine the team’s bandwidth and resource allocation. She also needs to establish improved code quality and seamless communication between the teams.

That being said, Yoda wants to stay updated with the lifecycle of a ‘Story’ – from the time it was picked from the backlog to when it was deployed. He also intends to keep an eye on the hygiene maintenance of the tools.

To make that happen, you’d have to continuously mine the latest data from these tools on your own. Princess Leia would need to hire another team just for this task.

However, wouldn’t it be easier if you could install an app in your JIRA cloud, and with just a few clicks have this data available at all times? At A Glance helps you do just that!

At A Glance is a DevOps dashboard that collects and correlates data from JIRA, Git, SonarQube and Bitbucket pipelines, to display the team’s software development progress in a single page. Keep a track of all your latest sprints and team activity in the last 30 days without having to access multiple channels.

In Agile, the real-time team dashboard serves as an information radiator. According to Alistair Cockburn, an information radiator is a TV display installed at a workplace, where people can see real-time data analytics as they work or walk by. This means more communication with fewer interruptions.

A good information radiator is:

  • Large and easily visible to the casual, interested observer.
  • Understood at a glance.
  • Changes periodically, so that it is worth visiting every time.
  • Easy to keep up to date.

Now you can see the project information you need, when you need it, including:

#1  The stories in progress.

#2 The number of code reviews completed by the team, sorted by the developer.

#3 The number of code reviews completed by the team, sorted by the developer.

#4 The builds triggered every time there is a commit and the time taken to complete the build.

#5 At A Glance also helps you track code quality and test coverage metrics from SonarQube.

All data corresponding to the latest sprint or the work in the last 30 days, is displayed on a single dashboard so that the team can get active feedback on their current work.

At A Glance also analyzes progress data trends, that showcase the software release history for leaders and managers to predict the next release date.

Additionally, you can track the work done in the last 3 months, 6 months, a year or even from the beginning of the project, across multiple epics and components.

Check your code quality and test coverage as the lines of code grow.

Watch the At a Glance video for a live demo.

At A Glance supports Jira Cloud and is free for you to download from the Atlassian Marketplace.

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